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Wiffle Ball Division

FCLL Wiffle Ball League Rules                                                                                            


  • 1st Priority-Have Fun
    • Make new friends
  • League is designed for 4 year olds to learn a little about baseball and teamwork
  • Baseball Diamond is 20 sq. /ft.
  • Offensively-Hit off a Tee
  • Defensively-Soft hands, position to throw
  • No score-non competitive
  • Parents highly encouraged to be at games and on field to support kids
    • Each batter hits the ball and circles the bases, 2 rotations per inning
    • 1 team 2 complete rotations = ½ inning
  • Outs, there are no outs
  • Batted balls can be thrown to 1st base after throwing position is established
  • Games are 3 innings long
  • 10 game season weather permitting-No makeup games if rained out
  • Safety
    • Only one plastic bat in use during game time
    • No sword fights with only one bat
    • No sliding
    • No piling on when fielding a ball-promote team play
    • Do not interfere with player running the bases
  • Equipment
    • Thin yellow Wiffle bat
    • Softball size Wiffle balls with elongated slots. FCLL to provide
    • Baseball gloves optional, parent to purchase
    • Home Plate and bases supplied by FCLL
    • Batting Tee-Supplied by FCLL
  • Team Selection
    • Teams selection will be done by Wiffle ball division Rep.
    • Buddy request will be honored where available
  • Managers Role and Responsibility
    • Attend Manager meeting
    • Conduct team meeting
    • Distribute uniforms and FCLL information packet
    • Single Point of Contact for Division Rep

Game Times            8:30-9:30
Game Day                Saturday
Teams                      Max of 6
Players                     5/6 per team
Uniform                    Cap and Shirt supplied by FCLL

Division Representative:  Karen Belen Henroid