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Wiffle Ball (age 4)
Introduction to the game using wiffle balls in a non-competitive division.

T-Ball (ages 5-6)
Introduction to the game in a non-competitive division. Being on a team in a fun, low-key environment is stressed. Players age 5 MUST play in the T-Ball level. The maximum eligible age for T-Ball is 6. The division is divided into two groups, T-Ball 1 and T-Ball 2.

  • T-Ball 1 is for players who are league age 5 or are playing their first year of baseball.
  • T-Ball 2 is for players who are league age 6 or are returning players.

Single-A (ages 7-8)
Single-A is for players age 7 or 8 who are prepared for the next level of play. The division is "coach pitch". Players at this level begin to regularly make routine plays in the field and can consistently hit a thrown pitch. The focus is on enjoying the game while learning and developing baseball skills.

Double-A (ages 8-9)
Double-A (AA) is half "coach pitch" in the first half of the season and "kid pitch" is introduced in the second half of the season. Players at this level must be league age 8. This is the last non-competitive level and prepares players for the AAA and Majors levels. Players at this level consistently make routine plays in the field and begin to understand some advanced concepts. Some players will repeat this level to gain more skills before advancing to AAA. 

Triple-A (ages 9-11)
Triple-A (AAA) is the first competitive draft level for players 9-11. Players play using the standard Little League rules and the game is fast moving. Steals are permitted and players may begin to specialize in positions. AAA players are eligible for post-season play. Player evaluations and the AAA Draft will determine if the player is selected for this division. If not selected to a AAA team, the player plays in the AA division to continue developing baseball skills. (12-year old players who wish to play AAA are ineligible to pitch and must receive FCLL Board approval.)

Majors (ages 10-12)
Majors is the next competitive draft level baseball for players 10-12. Play is more competitive with faster pitching, more consistent defense, and aggressive base-running. The program is designed to develop players’ skills, maturity, and knowledge of the game. Players at this level must be 10-12. Player evaluations and the Majors Draft will determine if the player is selected for this division. If not selected to a Majors team, the player plays in the AAA division to continue developing competitive baseball skills. The Majors All Star team competes in the tournament that could ultimately lead to the Little League World Series in Pennsylvania.

Intermediate “50/70” (ages 12-13 with Majors experience)
The Intermediate (aka “50/70”) Division is designed for players with advanced baseball skills,  maturity, and desire to play with the full set of baseball rules. Intermediate Division utilizes a modified baseball field using a 50-foot pitching distance and 70-foot base paths. The players are permitted to "lead off" bases and runners may attempt to steal at any time. It provides an opportunity for players to transition incrementally from a 46/60 Little League field, to a 54/80 Pony field, and on to a full size 60/90 baseball field in high school and beyond. It also offers a more competitive level of baseball during the regular season for advanced players. This new division will be structured for league age 11-13 year olds who have at least one year of Majors experience.